Meet The Girls

Winnie is a small Standard F1 Goldendoodle, a free spirit. She loves to run and fetch. She is a hugger and loves to be the lap dog. Winnie is mommy to our Winter litter of F1b standards.

Harley is our princess. She’s an adorable well mannered, well trained F1B Goldendoodle. She’s dainty and prefers couch cuddles to the rain and mud. Harley will be the mother to upcoming litter of F1bb Standard Goldendoodles Winter of 2021.


Gummy Bear is our newest adorable fluff ball. She is an F1 Aussidoodle. Our 3 year chose her name and she is living up to it, she loves clinging right to our sides and looks like a teddy bear. She spends her days wrestling with her momma Rajah and playing fetch.


Rajah came all the way from Flordia to join our crew. She is a beautiful black poodle who is full of joy and spunk.Rajah will be the mother to our upcoming litter of Aussiedoodles.


Macy ,Our little girl! She is an AKC White & Apricot Moyen 35lb Poodle. Macy lives with guardians, our friends the Holberts, and is spoiled everyday by two little girls. :)

The Boys

Golden Retriever Stud

Meet Butters. Butters is an 92lb teddy bear! He is a full blooded Golden Retriever who lives on our families homestead. He is calm, obedient, and a spoiled baby and scaredy cat. ;)


Cooper is a creme AKC Standard Poodle who lives the life of luxury with our friend nearby. He has the calmest temperament and a gentle nature. He will be the father of our standard F1b and F1bb litters

Red Golden Retriever

Miller, who is owned by a family friend, is an AKC Golden Retriever. We love his deep red coloring and his friendly nature!


Jake is a super intelligent & relaxed Australian Shepherd who does tend to get jealous sometimes. Jake is the furry friend of some of our close family friends. Jake will be the father to our F1 Medium Aussiedoodles