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Contract. Package. Pricing.

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  1.  A signed copy can be mailed/emailed along with deposit. Puppy will remain with breeder until a copy has been received.

  2.  Please refer to final payment method below under Payment Options

  3.  All puppies require a $300 Non-Refundable* deposit to hold a puppy pick from a litter. 

  4. *All deposits are non-refundable as it takes considerable time and money spent on marketing to find good and suitable homes for our puppies. We have many requests and a long list of waiting families. Deposits are transferable to future litters if timing or desired pick is not available


All of our puppies will be available for their permanent home at 8 weeks old. 

Puppies will leave our home with:

  1. A goody bag that includes: Toys and blanket from living area for security, a baggie of food and yummy puppy training treats! 

  2. Puppy Care Booklet

  3. Introduced to Basics of Potty Training and Crate Training

  4. Vet signed shot/medication record.

  5. Regular Deworming at 2,4,6, & 8 weeks.

  6. 2 year money back genetic health guarantee per contract.

  7. Sharing our knowledge and support for the life of your Ohio Goldendoodle

  8. Baxter & Bella Training Program. Use OG25 for 25% off lifetime membership


Standard Goldendoodle

Solid Color $2250
Parti $2500

Standard Aussiedoodles

Standard/Parti $2250
Merle/Phantom $3000

Mini Goldendoodles


Payment Options


- For our deposit we accept Cash, Card, Apple Pay, or Zelle

All payments using card will be charged a one time 3% fee for processing fees



Cash or Card*(Square) are accepted 

We will not accept any other payment method for final payment.

If using Card an Invoice will be emailed to you for remaining funds 1 week prior to pickup to be paid by said pickup time.


If Paying in Cash it will be due at time of pickup.

We do not accept personal checks.



1. When Do Puppies Go Home? All Puppies will remain with the mother until at least 8 weeks of age. No visitors are allowed until puppies are 6 weeks old and have received their first round of vaccinations.

2. How Do Puppy Picks work? 

  1. Pick Order is determined by the order in which deposits are placed

  2. Puppy picks are started between weeks 4 and 5 at our discretion. They can either be in person or via video or video chat. We do this based on the maturity and health of the puppies.

  3. Gender - Often Families are looking for specific gender. Typically we allow families to choose their preferred gender and lock them in for either male or female. We let families select according to pick order as long as their is still that specific gender available

3. What is the Master List? 

  1. We use a master list to determine interested families. Once we have a confirmed pregnancy and puppy count we will begin contacting families on the master list in order placed to put a deposit on the specific litter of interest.

  2. We do this for two reasons. ONE, we do not like to jump ahead of ourselves. We want to be transparent and helpful and not build false anticipation. Just like anything else in life we are sometimes let down and a pregnancy doesn't occur or the timing just isn't right. We prefer to get as close to 100% as we possibly can before accepting deposits for your new fur baby. And TWO, this helps us line out our requests in a first come first serve manner that is fair to each and every family looking to bring home an Ohio Goldendoodle. To request to be put on the master list please contact us and reference an upcoming litter on our contact page.

5. What is the Estimated Size Of the Litter?   If you've made it this far, by now you know there are all kinds of size ranges on Doodles. Typically you'll see 3-4 size ranges, most commonly standards and minis, and occasionally a "medium" and micro/toy. Technically speaking a medium is the larger end of a miniature and smaller end of a standard. To be more specific, one of the parent breeds, the poodle has a 4th size (in addition to toy/miniature/standard) ,called "Moyen(in French) or "Klein(In German) both meaning medium. Although not recognized in the USA it is in Europe. True Moyens are hard to find in the U.S. where they are typically bred by crossing a smaller standard and miniature poodle thus creating varying swings in size as opposed to their more stable weight range of 30-35lbs in Europe. The same can be true of micro/toy doodles and potentially a standard doodle if bred with a very large poodle(sometimes called a royal 90-90lbs+). To be fair, most of this comes down to genetics, and a dogs genetics could very well skip a generation when it comes to size. It's entirely possible to have a litter of 7 50-60lb standards with 6 of them hitting that range at adulthood and one coming in at 40lbs, and inversely a litter of miniature doodles could produce that one off puppy that ends up in the 50lb range. Please be aware that we as breeders can not accurately predict the exact size but only give an estimation based on the average weight of the parents.

  • Standard -  45-65lbs +

  • Miniature - 25-45lbs

  •  Micro -     15-25lbs