Here are just some of the items we use or have on hand for our puppies. We feed Victor Hi-Pro to all our dogs and even send a sample bag home with you. The crate attachable snappy fit bowls and waterer are great way to keep an area clean. We HIGHLY recommend the Angry Orange product. Hands down the best pet mess cleaner we've ever used!

This stuff is liquid gold! It neutralizes the ammonia in pet urine. Its the only thing we've found that is truly effective.

Just ask our beagle Jake! Don't let the price tag scare you, it goes a long way and is well worth it.

A great value multivitamin to keep your pups strong and healthy.

Attaches directly to your pups crate for a no mess feeding time! The bowl pops out for easy cleaning.

Attached directly to their crate and provides and a no mess no spill way to keep those pups hydrated.

We always recommend Victor Hi-Pro Plus. It a great All-Stages food. We send home sample bag with all of our puppies.

A great starter crate for house training and providing a safe comfortable space for your fur baby.

Live where its always HOT? Or just need a way for your Dood to cool off in the summer. Doodles of all kinds love these cots!