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Our Process

Just like you, we've been there before. Finding the perfect pup for your family can be time consuming and stressful.  Part of our process is to be transparent, simple, and as stress free as possible to make your experience with us the best it can be while finding your new furry best friend.

Ohio Goldendoodle Puppies

Application & Contract

We have a brief application form requiring some background information. We want to find the best possible homes for our puppies and this is where we start the process. Our Purchase Agreement Contract will need to be signed and dated and returned to us before placing a deposit. 

Ohio Goldendoodle Puppies

Waitlists & Deposits

View our upcoming litters, current families on the waiting lists, along with expected birth dates and go home times. The earlier you place a deposit on an upcoming litter the higher up on the pick list order you'll be. Our lists here on the website are up to date and maintain the order of the picks. Current deposit fee is a non-refundable $300. Deposits are transferrable to another litter. 

Ohio Goldendoodle Puppies

Birth to 2 Weeks

In the weeks leading up to birth feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding preparation for your new puppy. The first two weeks after the puppies are born we devote the majority of our time making sure our momma's are getting all the help they need and our puppies get off to the best start. During this time we limit how much we handle the puppies to allow mom a stress free environment to bond with her pups. At the end of this time the babies will have opened their eyes and are starting to get up on their feet. Every couple days we post some photos or videos to our social media of the entire group and individuals. Between weeks 2 and 3 we'll start setting up days to select puppies in order of the deposit lists which is usually occur between 5 and 6 weeks of age. These can be done in person or via video call.

Ohio Goldendoodle Puppies

3 Weeks - Walking, Talking, Playing, Baths, ID Collars.

Week 3 is a big week! Most every puppy in the litter is up walking, showing an interest in food, starting to play, and finding their voices. We begin to expose them to different sights and sounds between the 3rd and 4th week to begin desensitizing them so they're ready for the real world. TV, radio, blow dryer, bladeless clippers, vacuum, running water and weekly baths.

Ohio Goldendoodle Puppies

4 Weeks - Weaning & Playtime

Depending on the maturity of the puppies their mom may begin to wean them at this point. This is a process we don't rush. Puppies learn alot from their moms and the longer they're with her the better. The puppies are walking well and beginning to run. They may be eating "mush" and will have begun to play together and with toys. We have play areas with toys and obstacles set up for the pups to expose them to different materials, textures, and elevations. At this point we'll also get the little guys together for some individual photos so their prospective families can see them.

Ohio Goldendoodle Puppies

5 Weeks - Picking, Potty Trays, Weaning, Socialization.

Busy week 5! In addition to being selected by their forever families over the next week the puppies will continue their development, socialization, playtime exercises, and weaning. The puppies will begin what we like to call potty location training, meaning they will start to go in a designated location. This continues throughout their stay with us and makes the transition and time to house train significantly less. The pups will have moved on to starting puppy mush and mom will be nursing them less and less over the next 1-2 weeks. Puppies are handled daily by us and our kids and exposed to more new sounds and stimuli to build safe and comfortable associations.

Ohio Goldendoodle Puppies

6 Weeks - Crate Exposure, 

We take this process slow. A couple times a day we'll rotate the puppies in and out of training crates for brief periods. They're much too young for this to completely train them but it does help build a healthy association with a crate making the transition easier once they go home.

Ohio Goldendoodle Puppies

7 Weeks - Vet Exams & Vaccinations

Week 7 means it's time for our vet to look the babies over and performing a complete physical exam. The puppies first vaccinations will also be administered 

8 Weeks - Going Home

Week 8!!!! It's finally here! The long wait and anticipation have all come down to the moment your furry new best friend leaves our home and enters yours forever! Scroll to see a few of our past happy Ohio Goldendoodle Families. If you've chosen to join us in this journey we hope we've done everything possible to make it wonderful! Thank you and we can't wait for the updates!


Our business relies heavily on referrals and insuring your experience was the best it could be. If you feel satisfied with how we've done please leave us a review on Google or Facebook. 

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