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F1B Standard

Harley is our 60lb princess and the matriarch of our program. She’s an adorable well mannered, well trained F1B Goldendoodle. She’s dainty and prefers couch cuddles to the rain and mud. Harley, paired with Cooper is momma to our Standard F1BB super curly Goldendoodles.

Harley's Genetic Testing

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F1 Standard

Winnie is our 55lb Standard F1 Goldendoodle momma, a free spirit. She loves to run and fetch. She is a hugger and loves to spread those hugs to everyone she meets. Winnie has learned everything she knows from momma Harley. Winnie, paired with Cooper is the mom to our F1B Wavy to Curly Standard Goldendoodles

Winnie's Genetic Testing

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Moyen Poodle

Daisy , sister to Macy Olive and Peach. She is a sweet, reserved and loving 28lb Moyen Poodle princess. Daisy is very inquisitive and likes to observe. She also is her sister Peach's shadow. They're inseparable. Daisy, paired with Tucker is momma to our Medium F1B babies

Daisy's Genetic Testing

Wisdom Health



Moyen Poodle

Peach, aka known as Miss Sassy or Spunky Is Daisy, Macy, & Olive's  27lb Moyen Poodle sister. Peach is curious, smart, playful and doesn't know a stranger. She spends most of her days looking like a small red lion. Peach, paired with Tucker is a momma to our Medium F1B Goldendoodles.

Peach's Genetic Testing

Wisdom Health



Moyen Poodle

Macy, is an AKC White & Apricot Moyen 32lb Poodle and oldest sister of Peach, Daisy, & Olive. Macy lives with guardians, our friends the Holberts, and is spoiled everyday by their two daughters. Macy, paired with Tucker is the momma to our Litters of Medium sized 30-35lb F1B Goldendoodle babies

Macy's Genetic Testing

Wisdom Health



Moyen Poodle

Olive, our newest addition! Olive loves taunting her sisters and stealing their toys. She is curious and playful but listens well with a calm demeanor. Olive will also eventually be a mom to one of our litters of F1b Medium Goldendoodles in the future

Olive's Genetic Testing

Wisdom Health



Medium Goldendoodle

Tucker, is a super intelligent & relaxed 35lb medium Goldendoodle who is owned by a longtime fellow breeder and friend. Tucker spends most of his days lounging and living the good life. Tucker is the father of our Medium Goldendoodles with Peach, Daisy, and Macy.

Tucker's Genetic Testing

Wisdom Health



Standard Poodle

Cooper, our main man is a 65lb creme AKC Standard Poodle who lives the life of luxury with our friend nearby. He has the calmest temperament and a gentle nature. Cooper is the father of our standard F1B and F1BB puppies with Winnie and Harley.

Cooper's Genetic Testing


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